Oct 08

Meeting the Dakini Copy

Part 1: Suppression of the Wild Feminine

In this session, Lama Tsultrim discusses the effects of patriarchy and the limited roles that women were allowed to inhabit. She describes the various aspects of the dakinis, the archetype of the awakened feminine in Vajrayana Buddhism. Dakinis are wild, free, wise, compassionate and sometimes fierce and wrathful. She also describes the more subtle aspects of dakinis and how they relate to the mandala and the five families.

Part 2: Goddess Religions and the Rise of Tantra

Lama Tsultrim discusses the detrimental effects of a transcendent model of denying the body, women and nature as means for achieving spiritual realization. Due to this we have lost the idea of sacred embodiment. Vajrayana, the form of Buddhism influenced by Tantra, which honored nature and embodiment, offers a fresh and insightful approach to the spiritual path. Lama Tsultrim also shares about the feminine principle arising during the Mahayana era through Prajna Paramita (Perfection of Wisdom) teachings.

Part 3: What is a Dakini?

Dive deeper into the dakini principle in this session in which Lama Tsultrim describes the many different types of dakinis. She tells about Milarepa’s encounter with the dakinis, as well, as the level of enlightened dakini called the Yeshe Khandro, the Primordial Wisdom Dakini. These are deeply powerful guides that aid us in meditation and transmit wisdom.

She also reviews the five aspects of the dakini mandala and distinguishes between mindfulness meditation and the mandala meditation as a template for transformation.

Part 4: Luminous Dakini Quotes

In this session, Lama Tsultrim shares wonderful quotations from some of her favorite authors on the feminine principle and the dakinis.