Oct 08

Enhancement Practices Copy

Choose one, two, or more to do each week to deepen your understanding of each family and to become more familiar with your emotional patterns connected to each family.

Journey with the Dakini Practice

Find a quiet place for this guided Journey with the Dakini meditation. Lama Tsultrim guides you through the journey where you meet and receive guidance from one of the five wisdom dakinis.

After completing this practice, please refer to the Journey with the Dakini Tracking Form to record your experience.

Mandala Work with Your Hands – Mandala Drawing

In this section, Lama Tsultrim instructs you how to do the mandala drawing. You’ll need some paper or a notebook (cream or brown color and square size is recommended), and some drawing utensils (pencils, pastels, etc…) with at least the five colors (white, blue, yellow, red, and green). Don’t worry about everything being perfect, just have fun!


After completing this practice, please refer to the Mandala Work with Your Hands Tracking Form to record your experience.

Integration with the Elements

Buddha Family – Integration with Space

Space Integration Audio (To Download File, Right-Click Link and Select “Save Link As”)

This guided meditation leads you into the practice of integration with the five elements: earth, fire, water, air, and space. Each element is associated with a particular buddha family, a particular direction in the mandala.

Unblocking the Encumbered Energy

Buddha Family – Ignorance (Depression, denial, spaciness, distractedness, and more)

This audio recording take you into the direct experience of transforming your encumbered patterns into wisdom energy through sound.