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    Elaine Harding

    General Discussion Forum – this forum is for general discussion about the course and it’s topics. If you have specific questions about the material or practices, please save this for the webcasts as we will send out a form to collect questions prior to each one.

    What did you find most interesting about the topics & practices for this week?


    I’m loving the daily 5-Dakini practice, using the video where Lama Tsultrim guides us! Beautiful!


    Could someone assist me in finding the audio of the dakini journey (not the mandala 5 dakini practice) but the journey? I find it in the video, but can’t seem to find the audio which would be so helpful so be able to take into a better place to practice rather in front of my computer! thank you πŸ™‚


    Really enjoyed the webinar with Lama Tsultrim this evening. Much appreciated that she was able to make it, despite her cold. Would love to see her interacting with us through webcasts on more than one occasion during this course. Any possibility for that?


    I am very much enjoying the practices and the course–learning a lot about myself in many different and unexpected ways.

    Since Lama Tsultrim asked for feedback:
    I would like to see the “live” webinar time reserved for **teachings** by Lama Tsultrim and/or LopΓΆn Chandra that are relevant to the course material we happen to be working with. An hour goes by very quickly! Would a 90 minute session with, for example, one hour of teaching and 30 minutes of Q&A, be possible? Any questions not covered during the webinar could be expressed on this Discussion Forum and followed up that way.

    I feel the webinar time is so precious and I am eager to hear the teachings with less amount of the teachers’time devoted to chat Q&A. It seems to me the Discussion Forum is the ideal platform to share-ask-exchange questions, ideas, etc.

    Thank you everyone! Warm greetings from France.


    I am also enjoying the programme and learning in unexpected ways!

    I agree that it would be great to receive teachings during the live webinar time, with questions afterwards or in the discussion forum. I have now understood that the worksheets etc. detail the practices shared in the videos. It might be helpful to share this upfront at the start of a lesson, since it is not possible to go forwards until each section is complete. I wrote out quite a lot of the material shared in the videos before realising I didn’t need to do that…practice of another kind perhaps πŸ™‚

    Warm wishes to all

    Elaine Harding

    Thanks for everyone’s sharing and providing feedback about Webcast #2! I have forwarded these suggestions on to Lama Tsultrim and Lopon Chandra and we’ll let you know what changes we might make to the next webcasts (2 remaining with Lopon Chandra). Due to Lama’s tight schedule for her book tour in Europe, we will not have another webcast with her. Elaine Harding (Manager of Education and Learning Experience, TM)



    I’m loving this course and want to thank everyone who’s worked so hard to create it and bring it to us – especially Lama Tsultrim Allione!

    A word popped into my awareness with regards to the Buddha Family….a family I feel very close to……and that word is:


    So…I’ll just give it a bit of space here 😊😊😊

    Love to all


    Hi Anna, that’s such a fantastic word and the moment I read it there was a resounding ‘yes’ inside, as it sums up so much for me right now πŸ™‚

    Elaine Harding

    Hi MVWillowsong, we don’t currently have an audio of the Journey practice, but are considering making one available in the near future! Elaine


    Hi Elaine – no worries. I was easily able to record it onto my phone and bring it into my practice space πŸ™‚

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