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    Elaine Harding

    This forum is for general discussion about the course and it’s topics. Each video also has a comments section to simply provide a place for you to share your thoughts after you watch it. If you have specific questions about the material or practices, please save this for the webcasts as we will send out a form to collect questions prior to each one. If you have technical support issues, please contact support@taramandala.org.’

    What specific aspects of this week’s topics were most interesting for you?


    There are so many things I found compelling and of interest, and I have pages in my notebook, but here is one entry re: the deep appreciation of the wisdom dakinis and these exquisite practices in our times, and in my own life
    • Needing the fierce and wisdom dakinis in this time in history, in this time in my life, and loving the fierceness and power of the container/cauldron/athanor I can feel support and protect me in my work. We know we are stepping out into unknown and antagonistic area when we awaken and speak out and BE in our empowered states, and so we need the source of wisdom, power and protection that can guide us in our courage to do so and teach us the skillful means to do so. And there is no greater gift than the clarity of being able to see encumbered patterns that have been held for such a long time and whose existence is ‘protected’ by the masses all around us, and to be given the tools to be able to know and transform these patterns and break these cycles of suffering and imprisonment, to cultivate a balanced and empowered wisdom state in which we live, move and have our being… and to pass this on to our daughters and grand-daughters and every sentient being without exception. This work and its exquisiteness gives me hope and a Path in times that can so easy inflame us into anger, compress us into frustration, depression, and a feeling of powerlessness, or the worst threat – the loss of bodhicitta. The first time I did a practice with Lama Tsultrim I found on utube where she led people through the transformation of anger with the Vajra Dakini, tears spontaneously ran down my face during the practice in the recognition and relief and safety of the fierceness and power and wisdom/skillful means in the athanor all around me which i could lean into and count on, and allowed me to go into the very depths of the parts of me that I felt had to be suppressed, were then drawn out into the light, its old neurotic expressions transforming during its rising. And not only did I feel this fierceness, strength, safety and wisdom at first surrounding me, but in the wholeness of this experience, knowing this is within me.


    a couple of more things from week one:
    Thank you for the introduction to Buddhism, and tracking the Buddha’s relationship with the feminine in his history! Loved that lens : )

    And really appreciated the summary of the lineage of what happened after the Buddha’s death, and illustrating the emergence of the feminine in the Tantric period and what these influences brought. And the explanation of the difference of the Path of Renunciation and the Path of Transformation. I understand why this work is so appealing and calling to me, having been on a path of transformation which first began in years of shamanic ‘shadow work’, then years into Qabalistic training and practice and work through a Mystery School (still ongoing), which is where I first learned the ‘feeding your inner demon’ practice! This is actually how I came upon Lama Tsultrim , her book and this course. I had done the ‘feeding your demon’ practice extensively some years ago, then kind of fell off the wagon and recently, because of circumstances in my life and what is happening in the world right now, felt the need to get back into this practice, and after a universe ‘poke’ that led me to discover Lama Tsultrim’s book, I not only found her book, but Wisdom Rising, this course, and learned of Tara mandala : )

    I also appreciated Part 4 of Week One which linked Buddhism and psychology, and also addressed the difference between developing psychologically and emotionally and the aim of moving out of compulsive rounds of birth to the next. I am not a Buddhist, but my Path of Transformation in the Western Mystery tradition, which includes the required on-going ‘work on the personality’ is done in order to Serve, which puts this work in a larger intention/context. And I am very pleased for many different reasons, to be learning the practices of the mandala and working with the dakinis. And although I have loved, appreciated and greatly benefited by all my teachers, schools and mentors, there has always been a part that has felt like the ‘boys club’, and my heart and soul here soar in this arena of the feminine.

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