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One very early morning before a hard work day, I had an opportunity to do the complete (rather than shorter) version of the daily mandala practice which more deeply allows the review of each family’s poisons and their transformation within, and which also seems to allow for a deeper experience in the Ground of Being in the end…as if knowing what my work day would bring. Very unexpectedly, a co-worker (who can often be my ‘practice person’) 🙂 – exploded in a rather violent expulsion and projection of whatever had been coiled up inside of her, and as I am someone she knows well, she let it rip with me in all of its projection and fury. Although it did shake me to the core, what occurred was what I can only name a ‘miracle’ as I felt the sustenance and wisdom of the practice with me, allowing me to respond in a way that eventually brought her to disarmament and our continued trust in each other’s essential nature. I have witnessed this woman do this before with co-workers that led to long dramas of disruption for many, and this day, the ‘poisons’ fell into a chalice of grace that swiftly brought wisdom and compassion into the alchemy of what had unfolded. The next day at my altar, I got on my knees deeply realizing and reviewing what had occurred -the miracle of wisdom’s action – which truly deepens my dedication to this on-going practice.