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Once the course ends, might there be a place we can continue to check in, as I know many more questions/discoveries etc will occur and it would be so helpful to have some kind of ‘Dakini Mandala’ forum wherein we could continue to support each other in the work which has just begin through this course. I am currently in the time of year that is demanding the height of my “muggle work” responsibilities, and although I am practicing daily what I am able, there is much more I’m looking forward to being able to enter into after the holidays pass, and sure would love to be able to touch base with those engaged in this work. Of course, I hope one day to be able to make it to Tara Mandala for a retreat and further work, but this may be quite some time before I am able to do this, at the same time, I am devoted to my daily practice and having connection/mentoring is important, especially when plunging into the deep and bones and blood of transformation.