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I am very much enjoying the practices and the course–learning a lot about myself in many different and unexpected ways.

Since Lama Tsultrim asked for feedback:
I would like to see the “live” webinar time reserved for **teachings** by Lama Tsultrim and/or Lopön Chandra that are relevant to the course material we happen to be working with. An hour goes by very quickly! Would a 90 minute session with, for example, one hour of teaching and 30 minutes of Q&A, be possible? Any questions not covered during the webinar could be expressed on this Discussion Forum and followed up that way.

I feel the webinar time is so precious and I am eager to hear the teachings with less amount of the teachers’time devoted to chat Q&A. It seems to me the Discussion Forum is the ideal platform to share-ask-exchange questions, ideas, etc.

Thank you everyone! Warm greetings from France.