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Love the idea of the “Fruitional Vehicle” in Vajrayana because we get to try on our enlightened nature and wear it and experience it and rest in it, instead of ‘trying to get there.’!

I also really appreciated the teaching on how historically and spiritually, the patriarchal framework really holds the idea that we need to ‘get out of the body’ to enter into refined spiritual realms, and thinking of the enormous ‘inheritance’ we live with about our feminine natures and our bodies being ‘impure’ and so often not allowed in innermost spiritual arenas… It is so refreshing to embrace an approach where the feminine – in body and in nature – is known to be sacred. Of course I embrace and believe this, and call myself a feminist and liberated woman and live according to this, at the same time I also acknowledge those places deep within me where these inherited patterns/shadows of ‘un-sacredness’ still exist, and I am thrilled to take on the mandala and the dakini practice as the archetype of empowerment and wholeness that I can become! I also grew up with the model of the Madonna and the Blessed Mother, and I delight in having models of the Dakinis that are fierce, sexual, sacred and wise, primordial!